When you hire a new employee on Collage, you can use Onboarding Tasks to help you keep track of all the things that need to be done for a successful start of your new team member. You can create an onboarding task for one time only or you can save it as a preset if you know you would use it frequently during the hiring process, such as to get a new access card or to do an orientation session.

Creating a new task

1. Navigate to your Hire New Employee screen by clicking on Employees > Hire then scroll down to the Onboarding Tasks section. Click on + Add a new onboarding task.

2. This will open a modal dialog where you provide the details for your new task.

  • Task Name is the name that would be used to refer to your new task,
  • Assign to dropdown menu allows you to specify who you want to assign this task to: the Manager of a new hire (as specified under Job Details earlier on the page), the Employee themselves, or choose a name of another colleague from the list,
  • Due date is when this task should be completed: None, On Start Date (as specified under Employee Info earlier on the page), or specify an exact number of days or weeks that the task should be completed after or before the start date,
  • Description allows you to share more information on this task and could also be used to provide more guidance to a person the task is assigned to on what exactly needs to be done,
  • Checking the box at the end will save this specific task as a preset for later use and will be accessible from the list in the Onboarding Tasks section of the Hire New Employee page (the one hiding behind this modal dialog) the next time you hire someone.

Lastly, click Save to create your new task and return to the main page. Here is the screenshot of the modal dialog as described above:

3. When you save your task, you will be back at the Onboarding Tasks section of your Hire New Employee page with a list of the tasks you've created.

And you are now done with creating the onboarding tasks to help you with the onboarding process of your new employee. It's that easy!

Editing an existing task

To edit a task you've created, simply Click the 3 dots to the right of the task and then select edit from the drop down to open a modal dialog and make the necessary changes. Once done, click Save. To remove select remove from the drop down

Removing a 'preset' task

Similar to editing a task, hover over a task in the list and click Remove on the right side. A modal dialog will open so you can confirm that you want to permanently delete an onboarding task. Click Delete in the lower right corner to confirm.

That's it! Everything gets done on time, the team is happy, and your new colleague is ready to contribute on day one.

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