Collage makes onboarding super easy! We gather all of the information that your company requires in one place. No more printing off a bunch of different forms (Woo! Save the trees!). However, filling out Tax documents online can be a little confusing, so here is step by step how to fill out, sign, save and upload your TD1 and TD1ON forms into Collage.

Downloading your tax forms

The first step to filling out your tax documents is to download them. To do this you will want to click here. 

Note: EN will open the english version FR will open a french version

Once clicked, a pdf of the tax form may open in your browser. You won't be unable to save the form if it is filled out in the browser. You must download the document to fill it out. You can download the document by clicking this button normally found in the top right corner. 

Note: Colour and location may very depending on laptop or browser.

Filling out your tax documents

Once the tax form has been downloaded you must open it outside of the browser. You will be able to see that certain fields have already been filled out such as this one.

You will be able to fill out the document by clicking on the various sections and typing. Once the form has been completely filled out it is time to sign it.

Signing your TD1 and TD1ON forms

When you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see a a section to sign you document. 

"But I thought you said I wouldn't have to print these off?" you say. Don't worry, you can easily sign these documents online! There are different ways to sign your document depending on your computer, each of which I will cover.

Signing on a Mac

Signing documents on a Mac is super simple and can be done directly in the preview mode (the same view you would've filled the form out in). 

  1. Click the mark up tool in the top right.
  2. Then click the signature button.

Note: Colour and location may differ depending on ios.

This will give you the option to sign your document by track pad or by photo. 

  • To sign by trackpad: Sign using your finger on the track pad
  • To sign by picture: Write your signature on a white piece of paper. Hold it up to the camera. The computer will read the ink and make the white background transparent.

Once you have created the signature you can drag and drop it to the appropriate section. Once everything is filled out correctly you can save it, and upload it pack into Collage. 

See Uploading Tax Forms into Collage section below.

Signing Documents on a PC

If you are using a computer other than a Mac then you may have to use an external application to sign your documents. There are many different applications that do this and you can easily find one by doing a quick google search.

Once you have signed the document you can download it and upload it to collage.

Uploading Tax Forms into Collage

When you are happy with your forms and are ready to upload them, head back to collage and click the Upload button. 

This will give you a pop up where you can either drag and drop your file, or browse through your files to find it. 

You're all done!

Once you have uploaded both of your TD1 and TD1ON forms back into Collage, you can move on to the next step of your on boarding process! 

If you have any issues please reach out to our support team at or through the live chat on your page.

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