Collage's Training feature allows Administrators to assign training programs to their team and keep track of their completion. 

Creating a Training Program

1. Click on Training in the top navigation. 

2. Click on the blue Create a Training Program button on the right side of the page.

3. Provide a Name for your training, and select if this training is applicable for new hires. This will allow you to select this training when onboarding a new employee onto your team. (See Step 6 in our "Digital Onboarding - A How To" article.

4. Select a Due Date for this training, you can opt for no due date, or set the date to be X amount of days or weeks from the program launch. If applicable to new hires, this would be the employee start date. 

5. Provide a Description for your training. If this is an online training, provide the URL link for where your training is hosted. If the training will be in-person, you can provide information on what the employee can expect. You can also provide next steps, including directing the employee to upload any documents or certificates received into their Collage profile. 

6. Next, add existing employees to the training. You can easily Select All to assign this training to all active employees

7. Once completed, select the blue Save and Launch button, and voila! You will receive the following notification confirming your training has been successfully launched to your team.

You can monitor the completion by clicking on the Training Program, and track all outstanding training through the Company Inbox in the top right corner of Collage. 

Existing training programs can be edited or deleted by pressing the gray dotted line icon to the right of the training program's title. 

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