Once an employee is onboarded into Collage, they are automatically listed in your employee directory. 

What is the basic function of the employee directory?

The directory is a central resource for the whole organization to access information about all active employees on your team. 

What information is in your employee directory?

As a default, your employee directory will appear in a list form, with employees listed alphabetically. Employees' names, titles, departments, location, and status are visible to the entire team at-a-glance.

can access contact information for any member of the organization by clicking on the employee. They will not be able to view any other information about that employee. 

Organizational structure: 

All users can access your company's organizational structure (i.e. org chart) view by clicking on this button at the top right. The organizational structure is determined by who the admin sets as managers and which department each employee is placed in.

Note: You can currently only view the org chart by using the Google Chrome browser.

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