The Manager Role is auto assigned to all users who have at least one direct report. Edit this role if you want to change the permissions for all managers.

What you can edit for the Manager Role

  1. You can edit the role's employee data permissions.

  2. You can edit the scope of employees they have access to (Direct Reports Only, Direct and Indirect Reports, or All Employees).

  3. You cannot edit who is assigned this role because it is auto assigned to employees who have at least one direct report.


Managers should be allowed to edit the job information for their direct reports.

  1. Edit the Manager Role.

  2. Scroll down to "What employee data access should be permitted?"

  3. Make sure the role is configured to have access to "Direct Reports Only" (this is the default).

  4. Look for the "Job Information" permission and set it to "Edit".

  5. Click "Save".

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