When someone leaves your company, there is an easy way to terminate an employee and keep all their employment records on the platform.

On Collage, terminations are a part of the employee job record.

Terminating an employee

Navigate to the Employees module > select an employee you wish to terminate from the list of employees > go to their Job tab > click on Update in the top right corner of the employee job page, and choose Terminate Employee from the dropdown menu.

On the Employee Termination page, you can then provide more information on the employee's termination:

  • Termination category (Voluntary/Involuntary),

  • Last day of work,

  • Who subordinates will report to (if applicable),

  • Reasons for termination,

  • Last day of benefits (if applicable),

  • Include any offboarding tasks if necessary.

Important: Collage only sends communication to a terminated employee if you assign them any off-boarding tasks or if you have any reminders set to go to that employee.

Once ready, click Save at the bottom of the page and you will be guided to review the details and finalize the employee's termination.

Important: Scheduled termination records in the Job tab of employee profiles are only visible to the super admins of the platform or employee's manager. The terminated employee will not see the scheduled termination until the effective date.  

Once effective the terminated employee's visibility within Collage is limited to only their their personal information within their profile, they will no longer have the ability to make any changes and if applicable they will have access to their own benefits information.  

To view all your terminated employees and access their information on the platform, choose Terminated Employees in the drop-down menu of your employee directory. Alternatively, you can generate the Terminated Employee report.

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