Once an employee is onboarded onto Collage, they are automatically listed in your employee directory. The directory is a central resource for the whole organization to access information about all active employees on your team.

Information in your employee directory

By default, your employee directory will appear in a list form, with employees listed alphabetically by their first name. Employees' names, titles, departments, locations, and statuses are visible to the entire team at-a-glance.

Note: You can also review what information employees see on the platform by default.

Organizational structure of your company

If you have your org chart enabled (under Company Settings > Roles & Permissions > Features), you will see a button with three dots next to the Hire button on the right-hand side of your Employees module to access it.

The organizational structure is determined by the manager-employee relationships as set in the Job section of each employee profile.

Note: You can currently only view the org chart by using the Google Chrome browser.

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