Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

Sync birthdays and anniversaries to your calendar (now located in “Company Settings”). As an admin, you control which calendars are visible to employees. Employees can see calendars they have access to from the new "Calendars" tab on their profile.

Capture custom data during onboarding

You can now fill out custom fields at the time of onboarding and identify who should be the person to fill them out (i.e. manager or new employee). This means you can collect more accurate data before your new hire’s first day.

Don't lose draft content

Collage automatically logs you out of the platform after 60 minutes of inactivity. While that’s great for security purposes, it’s not great if you were working within the platform and get logged out before finishing! Now, when you are logged out, you can simply re-enter your login information and continue from where you left off.

Edit an employee’s invite email address

If you’d like to edit the email address where an employee or new hire will get their Collage invitation, you can do it right from their profile.

See all candidates to quickly view a resume

If your using Collage ATS, you can now see every candidate that has applied to one of your job positions. Search for a specific candidate to jump to their application stage or quickly view their resume.

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