When you have documents that you want to share with your existing employees, you can upload them to your company documents and assign to your team. Documents can be edited in Collage to dynamically include employee information and company signatures.

Assigning documents to existing employees

Once you've uploaded the documents, go to your Company Settings > Documents > click on the menu button (•••) for the document you want to share > Add Assignees.

Next, you will be able to specify whether you want to share it with all of your current employees or just the specific ones.

Once you assign the documents to your employees, they will be notified and a task will be created for them to complete. The employees are required to either confirm that they have read the document or sign it electronically, depending on what you choose to include.

After an employee completes a task, a personalized copy of the document will be created and placed under their profile.

Note: Since company documents are just templates, employees will only have access to a copy of a document specific to them.

Managing assigned documents

To see who is already assigned a document and the details of their completion, click on the menu button (•••) > View Assignees. From there, you can view the list of employees, date the document was shared, when an employee completed the document, and download their personalized copy.

Important: Once an employee completes the task and a personalized copy has been created, any changes you make to that document will not be reflected in their copy. You can delete a copy of the shared document by going to an employee's profile.

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