Whenever you have documents and you want to keep track of their expiration days, you can use Reminders to make sure you never miss these important dates. Be it a driver's licence, a work visa, a SIN/SSN, a passport, or a certificate—you can track them all on Collage.

Setting up reminders to track document expirations

To begin, you will first need to create a Custom Field⬏ with a field type Date for the document you want to keep track of, and then set a Reminder⬏ on that custom field. And though you don't have to store documents on the platform to create reminders, Company Documents can help you keep documents organized.

Note: Similar to custom fields, reminders are generic and not employee specific. You will be setting them only once for each type of document you want to track, or if you want to remind multiple people of the same expiration date.

With reminders, you can set to notify the employee themselves, their manager, or any other person on your team. And as with all custom fields, you can request employees to fill them out during onboarding or in their own profiles if they already use Collage.

As you might have realized, reminders is an easy way to help your team keep your documents valid and remember to renew them before their expiration.

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