What a great question, isn't it? Deciding what questions to include in your performance review can have a significant impact on the results of this process.
Here we share the best practice questions based on the employee roles on the team.

Manager Review Questions (a manager reviews their direct report's performance)

  1. What goals has this employee been working towards since their last review? Have they achieved them? Be specific.

  2. In what areas have you seen this employee excel? What has been their greatest accomplishment since their last review?

  3. Is this employee an effective team player? How well do they listen and communicate with others?

  4. How well does this employee prioritize and manage their workload?

  5. Overall, what do you think could most help this employee grow in their career?

Self Review Questions (an employee reviews their own performance)

  1. What goals have you been working towards since your last review?

  2. What is one thing you have accomplished since your last review that you are proud of?

  3. What challenges or roadblocks have you faced since your last review? How have you worked to overcome them?

  4. What could your manager and/or the company do differently to help you better perform your job?

  5. What goals would you like to set for your next review? Please name two professional goals. (Optional: add one personal goal.)

  6. Is there anything else that should be addressed in this review?

Peer Review Questions (an employee reviews another employee's performance)

  1. How well does this employee contribute to the overall success and function of the team? Be specific.

  2. How is the quality of this employee's work? Is there an area they should improve?

  3. Is this employee an effective team player? How well do they listen and communicate with others?

  4. Is this employee an effective leader? How well do they manage and motivate others on your team?

  5. If you could give this employee one piece of constructive advice to make them more effective in their role, what would you say?

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