Each year, as year end approaches, your team is excited for their time off entitlement to reset so they can start planning their holidays for the new year. They are requesting time off for the following year and are happy to see their requests approved but they notice that their available balance for this year has been reduced because of next year's holidays. 

Don't panic! There is a reason this happened...

In the current calendar year, employees have not yet earned or accrued time for the following year, therefore the system does not have Days Available to use when the request is made. This means, you can request time off for 2020 during the 2019 calendar year, but no 2020 accruals have happened yet - the 2020 days are deducted from the 2019 balance. Incidentally, this is one reason why Collage allows employee’s time off balances to go into the negatives. 

On the start of the new calendar year/accrual period, the employee's new time off balance will be available and the balance will adjust appropriately! And remember, the detailed time off info can be viewed from the employee's record in the Transactions section at any time: all past and future days are outlined. If you're ever looking to confirm what days where used and how many are left, reviewing the Transactions can help! 

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