New Features

Multiple choice performance review questions

Performance reviews in Collage now support a new question type: multiple choice! Whether it is performance ratings, quantitative feedback on peers, or simple True/False questions - all of these can now be configured and reported on (see more about our new summary screen below).

Combine quantitative and qualitative questions for the most comprehensive performance reviews. Simply add multiple choice questions to a question set of your choice, and you're off to the races!


Redesign of benefits coverage pages

For those with the Benefits module enabled, you will notice a redesign of the Company Plans and My Coverage tabs. As an admin, you are presented with your plans in an easier to navigate format:

Employees now see a consolidated view of all of their benefits - even if your plan is designed with multiple providers:

Edit reviewers of performance reviews in progress

Selected the wrong review manager? Forgot to include a peer? No worries - you can now edit the reviewers for a specific reviewee even if the review is in progress.

New reviewers will receive the performance review launch email and be reminded to complete the review, while employees who are removed will no longer have access to the review and any submissions they made will be hidden.

Performance reviews summary screen

You can now access a summary of responses to performance review questions. You'll get access to reports for quantitative questions and quickly access responses given by an individual reviewer.

Fixes & Other Changes

  • Managers receiving time off request emails will be able to see what stage the request is in.

  • Payroll and benefit updates now include notes made on employment record changes.

  • The recruiting API now correctly translates job posting fields based on the language setting.

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