New Features

Performance Goals

We're excited to officially launch Performance Goals - the latest addition to the Performance module. Goals are quantifiable objectives set by either you or an employee for them to achieve over a period of time. 

Track multiple goals for a given employee and collaborate with them to update progress as they work towards their target.

Managers and employees alike will be notified when goals are created and updated, so that everyone knows how everyone else is progressing.

You can get started creating goals today by going to Performance > Goals and selecting an employee, or by going to My Goals and creating a goal for yourself!

Find out more about goals by checking out the articles in our help centre here, like how to report and filter on them, and how permissions work. 


Deleting future terminations

Sometimes circumstances for terminations change, and an employee doesn't end up leaving. You want to make sure the employee doesn't lose access to Collage and that they remain covered for their benefits. For those situations, you can now undo a termination that is scheduled for the future. Simply find the termination record and delete it - we'll take care of the rest.

For employees that were enrolled in benefits, we'll ensure that their termination doesn't get processed with the insurance provider, so they keep their coverage without any interruption.

Editing and reordering time off types

Time off types have a new home under the Time Off > Types. 

Here you can edit the name of a type, as well as re-order the way they are displayed to you and your employees across the platform.

Reordering custom fields

Similarly, you can now specify a sort order for custom fields, determining the order in which they're displayed in employee profiles as well as when you're filling out new hire details. You can select a sort order under Company Settings > Platform > Custom Fields.

Manager access to performance reviews

Manager reviewers can now participate in performance reviews even if there is no "Manager Review" configured. This means that managers can be assigned to reviews configured as only Self Reviews or Peer Reviews, and will have access to the results submitted by employees they are overseeing.

Note: By default, an employee's manager (if they have one) is assigned as their manager reviewer. You can change this by editing the reviewers either when creating a review, or while a review is in progress.

Language preference for tax forms

If you're automatically collecting tax forms from employees, you now have the option to specify which language (English or French) you want the forms to be collected in.

Note: Previously, the tax form language was based on your personal preferences.

Check-ins report

A new report is available under Reports > Performance > Check-Ins that allows you to export data from check-in cycles. You can get a more detailed export by filtering down to a specific check-in cycle.

Fixes & other changes


  • The permission to create and edit custom reports can now be assigned to custom roles.

  • The Candidates report can be filtered by candidate status (Active/Disqualified).

  • The Candidates report also displays when the candidate was placed into the current stage.

  • Tabular reports can be automatically scrolled through horizontally by moving your cursor towards the left or right side of the report.


  • Candidates can be deleted from a position.


  • The number of years of service is now included in anniversary reminders.

  • You can now set reminders for an employee's first day of benefits.

Time Off

  • Time off request approval or rejection emails now include manager comments.

  • 2020 statutory holidays are available in time off and have been automatically applied for employees who work in Canada.

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