It's been a big year for us at Collage. We released a ton of new features, have grown our incredible customer base, and were recently acquired by a leading national provider of group benefits, group retirement and HR services company. We're looking forward to an even better 2020, packed with a bigger team, better features, and new products.

That being said, it's been a while since the last product update in the summer, so there is a lot to catch up on! Check it all out below:

New Features

Reactivating terminated employees

Employees can (finally!) be reactivated on Collage. You can reactivate a terminated employee from the "Job" tab of their employee profile. There you will be asked to fill out the employee's latest employment information as well as decide whether to enrol them into benefits and payroll (if applicable). After being reactivated, the employee will be able to log in with the same username and password as before and regain full access to their account.

Reactivated employees are treated like new hires and their time off will be reset as of their new start date. Any previous roles and permissions will need to be reassigned after the employee is reactivated.

Multiple choice custom fields

Multiple choice custom fields provide a great way to get consistent, easily reportable values across all employees. They can be configured with an unlimited number of open-text options from the same place in Company Settings.

Filling out a multiple choice custom field is as simple as picking an option from a dropdown menu either during onboarding or from an employee's profile.

Users list

Under Company Settings > Security & Billing, there is now a Users page which has replaced the External Users page. Here you will see a list of all external users as well as all employees that have accepted their invite and created an account. It details the email address associated to their account, their assigned roles, and whether or not they have activated Google SSO to log in.

You can also remove and assign roles from this page using the dropdown menu as an alternative to going into Roles & Permissions and adding employees to a role one-by-one.

Terminating benefits and changing classes

If you have benefits configured in Collage, you now have the option to terminate an employee's benefits coverage without terminating their employment. You will still be asked to provide a last day of benefits and indicating why the employee is losing coverage.

You can terminate an employee's benefits by going to Benefits > Benefit Enrolments and selecting "Terminate Benefits" from the dropdown menu of an active employee.Β 

If you have more than one benefits class, you will also see a new option in the dropdown menu to move employees between benefits classes. This can be used when an employee is changing classes due to a change in their employment status such as moving from a part time to full time class, or moving from a standard employee class to an executive class.


Duplicate job positions and performance review question sets

Both job positions in Recruiting and questions sets in Performance reviews can be duplicated, making it easier to repost similar jobs or modify question sets for your next review.

Edit custom fields for sourced candidates

Hiring managers manually adding sourced candidates to a position can now fill out any custom fields in the application form in addition to the default fields just like an applicant could if applying directly.

Change to how time off balances are displayed

Time off balances are now displayed based on the current time off year. This means that time off requests taken in the next time off year do not deduct from the current available balance for an employee. This change was introduced to reduce confusion for employees on why their balance seems lower than it should be, or why their balance has gone negative.Β 

This has been a highly requested feature for a long time, and we have already been getting a lot of feedback since implementing the change. We hope that this is an overall positive update and will continue to keep an eye on it and tweak as necessary.

Fixes & Other Changes

  • On Leave and Termination records now include details about who most recently changed the record and when that change was made.

  • Time Off Policy name can now be included in custom reports.

  • Fixed issue where performance reviewers would continue to get reminders after review has ended.

  • 2020 Tax Forms have been released and will be added to the system for new hires by Jan 1, 2020.

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