Store custom Employee data

With custom fields you can store information about employees that is specific to your business. Navigate to "Company Settings" and you can create the following types of fields:

  • Single text

  • Multi line text

  • Numeric

  • Date

Time off exports in hours

The "Time Off Balances" and "Time Off Transactions" reports now display time off in hours instead of days. This change is designed to help with time off reconciliation usually done through payroll systems.

Demo Data for new customers

When you sign up for a free Collage account it will come populated with demo data. This will allow you to get a feel for the platform and see how much value it can provide before adding your own data. When ready to start using Collage, simply click "Clear data" to get started.

Time off calendar by department

If you are part of a larger company you may want to only keep track of other employees time off within your department. Now you can integrate the time off calendars of your entire company and/or just your department.

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