Applicant Tracking

Organize your hiring process and find the right people with Collage Applicant Tracking (ATS). Here are the highlights of our biggest product release to date...

Create Job Postings:
Build a positive employer brand by creating a custom careers page and job postings—no development required.

Easily Manage Candidates:
Track applicants’ progress and keep resumes, references, and feedback all in one place.

Hire as a Team:
Invite hiring managers and employees to collaborate and share feedback directly in the platform.

Onboard New Hires:
Start employee self-onboarding for winning candidates with just a few clicks.

Emergency Contact report

Report on all employees and their emergency contacts. Helpful as a simple export for stakeholders or identifying missing data.

Terminated Employees report

Report on all employees who have been terminated. This report includes all the information collected about the employee as part of their termination including last day of work and benefits.

Reporting on custom fields

Custom fields are now included in the "Active Employees" report. They are labelled as "Custom Field {name of field}" and appear on the far right of the report.

Time off policy review

When creating a time off policy there is now a review step. The review step summarizes your policy setup and lets you choose to send an email notification to included employees.

Google import

Easily get started with Collage by importing your employee data from Google. Click "Import from Google" and follow the instructions. You must be using Google for your email in order to use this feature.

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