To save you more time and help you reuse the documents you already have, you can annotate PDF templates that you create on Collage. When you upload a document that you want to annotate, you will be able to add dynamic fields that populate with employee data, insert company signatures, request employees to sign documents, and ask them to fill out forms.

Upload a PDF file under your Company Documents by clicking + Add a Document and choosing Upload a file from your computer > Upload and annotate a PDF. Once you choose the file and give it a name, you will see three dropdown menus to choose from to annotate your file:

  1. Signatures,
  2. Dynamic Fields,
  3. Forms.

Note: Textarea Field under Forms is a field that accepts multiple lines of text, as compared to a regular Text Field that only allows one line of input.

Next, choose any desired field you would like to place in your document and it will appear in the top left corner of your document viewer below. You can then manually move it to any spot in your document as well as resize it by dragging the corners of the field. If you want to remove a field, select it and press Delete on your keyboard.

Important: Scroll to the bottom of the page to save the document. Clicking back to company documents will not save any annotations made to your document. You will also be able to edit the document later at any time.

Now you can use one of your annotated templates during the onboarding of a new hire, or simply share them with your existing employees.

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