Custom Fields is an easy and flexible way to track additional employee information right within your employee records. You can use it to keep track of things like dietary restrictions, equipment you issued to employees, document expiration dates, t-shirt sizes, or anything else you would like.

To add new custom fields, go to your Company Settings in the bottom left corner > the Custom Fields tab, and click on + Add a Custom Field.

In the modal window that opens, you will be able to provide the following information:

  1. Field Name: of the custom field the way it will appear in the employee profiles,
  2. Field Type: single-line text, multi-line text, date, or number,
  3. Visibility: whether employees should be able to see the field, and if yes, who should fill out the field—employee or employer,
  4. Whether the field should be filled out at the time of onboarding an employee, or later under an employee profile.

Save it and it will be added to your list of Custom Fields.

Additionally, you can also run an Active Employees⬏ report that will include all the data on custom fields to help you filter the information when you need to.

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