Congratulations on growing your team! It's easy to set your new hires up for success using Collage's digital onboarding tool. Put your best foot forward while retrieving all the documents you need from your new team member - no paper required! Now your new employee can spend their first day getting to know the rest of the team instead of filling out a pile of paperwork.

*Note: Once you begin onboarding a new hire, you cannot save your progress and return the to the page later. We suggest reading through these steps first to ensure you've already configured time off policies, training programs, and hiring forms.

STEP 1) Fill in your new hire information

  • Click on Employees in the top navigation, then Hire. Enter in their basic information, as seen below:

STEP 2) Enrol them into a time off policy and group benefits policy (if applicable)

STEP 3) Upload any documents they need to read and/or sign

Collage gives you three options for documents to include in your new hire's onboarding process! 

  1. Onboarding templates: These are reusable templates that are stored on your Collage portal. These templates have dynamic fields which automatically populate the information entered in Step 1 above. Things like a non-disclosure agreement are perfect as a template. Read more about onboarding templates here.
  2. PDF agreements that employees need to sign: Here you can upload complete PDF documents that prompt employees to sign electronically. Things like a contract or employee handbook would be great here. 
  3. PDF documents that employees DO NOT need to sign: Here you can upload any documents you want employees to view only.

Note that all completed documents are stored in your new employee's personal portal under their "Documents" section.

STEP 4) Decide whether you'd like to collect Banking and Tax information from your new hire

Collect banking info: By selecting Yes, your new employee will be instructed to add in their banking information. This is great if you normally pay your employees by electronic funds transfer (hint: you won't have to ask them for a void cheque!)

Collect tax info: Selecting Yes here means Collage will prompt your new team member to complete both the Canadian federal tax form as well as the provincial tax form that is applicable to them. They'll be prompted to download, complete and then upload these forms to their profile. 

Banking and tax information are required to pay your employees. If you select no and opt not to ask employees to add this information during their onboarding, you can still collect it manually and enter it later.

STEP 5) Create and assign onboarding tasks

Assign tasks to anyone! You can assign tasks to your new hire directly ("Arrive at 9AM Monday") or to anyone on your team who will support your new hire ("Order new computer", "Set up desk", "Create welcome GIF" etc.). You can also define due dates for your tasks and save task templates for future use.

Once an employee or manager has a task assigned to them, they'll receive an email notification letting them know. It will also appear in their Collage Inbox. Once they've completed the task, they can check it off in their Inbox, and you'll get a note saying it's complete. Three cheers for delegation!

STEP 6) Training Tasks ** NEW

Here you can assign any training documents or programs (and due dates) you want your new hire to complete.

In order to assign training tasks during onboarding, you must first configure training programs. This can be done by clicking on Training in the top navigation bar. 

FINAL STEP: Send Offer

Your new hire will receive an email letting them know they're joining a fantastic company. All they have to do is click get started to begin their personal onboarding. Happy hiring!

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