You have just gone through a long recruiting process and have found the perfect candidate for the position. Time to hire them, but Oh No! The hire button is missing from your employee directory. 

Don't worry there are a couple of reason this happens, and you can get it back.

More than then employees on free trial

Free trials are great! They give you a chance to test out a product free of charge. However our free trail will only allow you to have up to 10 employees. Once you have reached the max amount of employees Collage remove the hire box from your employee directory.

Ready to get back to hiring employees? Navigate to the Security & Billing section of your company settings and select Billing.

When you try to enter the billing section you will be brought to this page instead. 

If you want to jump right in and start the full collage experience you can click the I'm ready button. You will be brought to a page asking for your Payment information.

Not quite ready or have some questions before starting? You can select Talk to a pricing specialist to email us at

Not on a free trial. 

If you are not using our free trial and the hire button is missing contact us at, or open a live chat to talk to someone right away.

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