In Collage-speak, Onboarding Templates are reusable hiring documents that you can access when onboarding a new hire. They are stored in the Documents section when you click on Hire. These templates are best suited for simple, frequently used documents that new hires sign when they come on board, such as IP agreements and NDAs. Did we mention that your new hires can sign these template documents electronically? :) 

How does it work?

We turn your hiring documents into reusable templates by formatting them with dynamic fields - like a mail merge. These fields are then automatically populated with each individual hire's information entered in Step 1 of the new hire onboarding seen below: 

How do I get started?

Step 1) Navigate to your Hire New Employee screen by clicking on Employees > Hire then scrolling down to the Documents section. Under "Select Onboarding Templates to Use" Click on + Add a Document

Step 2) This will open a new tab on your browser called "Employee Onboarding Configuration." Here, you can upload your document by clicking on + Add a Document.

Step 3) Upload your document in Word format. We'll work our magic to turn your document into a reusable template. When it's ready, your template will appear as an option whenever you hire a new employee.

Template Tips

  • New hire electronic signature: Your new hire will always be prompted to sign electronically when you add a template to their onboarding documents.
  • Signing officers: You can also upload names, titles, and signatures of signing officers from your company. When selected, these officers' names and signatures are automatically appended to the end of your template. Go to Employees > Hire > under documents, click on "+ Add a Document" to be taken to the New Hire Configuration page where you can click on + Add a Signature as seen below:
  • Types of documents: The template feature can only create dynamic fields based on the information you input on your new hire. We recommend using this feature for simple documents which change very little, such as NDAs, IP agreements, and other documents that fit the requirements.
    Banking information, benefits enrollment, and employee handbooks are generally not well-suited for templates. You can upload these as PDFs in the documents section.

Once signed by the new employee, template documents will be stored in the Documents section of their portal. Happy templating!

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