January 2018 Product Update

ATS & Time Off

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Happy new year! We kicked off the year focused on Applicant Tracking improvements to save you time recruiting while offering a more enjoyable candidate experience.

What's new in Applicant Tracking

Use ATS email integration to track candidate conversations

You can now start the conversation with your applicants right from Collage and then reply to their emails from the platform or your personal inbox. No matter where you reply, you will see the thread of emails under the candidate's profile on Collage.

Sending an email to a candidate from Collage:

Create ATS email templates for one-click responses to candidates

If you have standard emails you send to your candidates during the hiring process, you can also create email templates for quick replies. Additionally, templates could be configured to use our dynamic fields to merge text in the email (similar to the ones you have for your company document templates).

Using a template email to reply to a candidate:

Add custom fields to job application forms

When creating a new job position, you now have the ability to customize the application form to suit your hiring process and gather the right information.

Automatically send a confirmation email to new applicants

When you are creating a new job position, you can specify whether you want to send your candidates a standard confirmation of the receipt of their application. You can preview the email that's being sent during the set up of your new position. (Available both in English and French.)

Daily candidate email digest

Hiring collaborators now receive a daily digest of candidate activity so you don't need to be logging in to check who has applied.

Job status improvements

Each job can now be in one of the four states:

  1. Published: Accepting applications and visible on the job board,

  2. Internal: Accepting applications but not visible on the job board (for when you don't want to publicly advertise your hiring initiative),

  3. Closed (new): Not accepting applications and not visible on the job board,

  4. Draft: Jobs you have not finished configuring are left in draft; you cannot put a job back into draft.

New Time Off features

Employees can now view their time off policy summary from their profile

We recognize that keeping your team informed and providing them with the relevant tools is important to you. Now people can see full details of the time off policy they are enrolled in right from their profile (by clicking on their time off balance).

Add a 2nd approver to time off requests

To have two people approve the same time off request, enable a two-step approval option in your policy settings. Approvals are managed on a time off type level, so you can, for example, only enable it for your vacation requests and leave other PTO as is.

Automate approvals for time off requests

In addition to the two-step approval, you can also have an auto approval set for your requests. This is especially useful for the "Working from Home" days or for your executive team's time off.

Additional Improvements

Terminations are now part of employee job timeline

When an employee has been terminated, their employment record on Collage will now reflect this change. Of course, we recognize that involuntary terminations are best handled in person and so any scheduled terminations are not visible to the employee.

Send birthday and anniversary reminders

We've heard how much you love our reminders feature, especially for tracking document expiration dates. Well, there is no reason to miss someone's birthday or work anniversary. Add these reminders now and receive beautiful emails later!

Tax form changes trigger payroll updates

When employees submit new TD1 tax forms, a payroll update will be triggered in the system so you can reflect the changes in your payroll software right away.

Onboarding reminder

To help you have the whole team on the platform, we now send a daily onboarding reminder to people who haven't completed their onboarding. The link to continue the process is also provided for their convenience.

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