April 2019 Product Update 🐇

Surveys and Announcements 2.0

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New Features


We're excited to launch Surveys as the newest addition to our Performance module. As an admin, you can easily request that employees complete surveys that ask custom, quantifiable questions on a scale of 1 to 5.

Employees have a simple interface to submit their responses and are reminded to complete the surveys when they are due.

You'll also get a summary report with a breakdown of the responses and averages calculated for you!

Announcements 2.0

Most of you will have noticed that Announcements in Collage have been revamped and are now a top level module. On top of being sent by email, announcements will be available here in a public board format where employees can leave comments and reactions 🙌

Fixes & other changes

  • Payroll admins can now indicate which employees are on payroll when hiring and after the fact in the Payroll module.

  • Fixed a bug where the “hire” button was showing in the recruiting module for employees without the hire permission.

  • Employees enrolled in benefits will only be asked to choose their health and/or dental coverage if they are enrolled in a plan with health and/or dental.

  • Benefits coverage pages were updated to be more mobile-friendly.

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