You've created your own careers page, created new job positions, and now ready to share it with the world? There are two easy ways how you can integrate your jobs on your company website:

  1. Link to your branded careers page from your website, or
  2. Use Collage API (a technical term your developers love) to access relevant job information from the platform and integrate it on your website, keeping the visual styling of your company's brand.

Let's take a look at each of these options separately.

Linking to your branded careers page from your website

This is the easiest way to integrate your jobs. Simply link to your careers page from your website by using the URL you've specified while creating your careers page.

Go to your Recruiting section > the Job Site tab, and you will see your own URL where it says Permalink (as an example, underlined in red in the screenshot below).

Using Collage API

Another way to integrate your job positions on your website is to programmatically link to them using Collage API. This option requires some basic knowledge of coding and allows your team to maintain your own website styling.

Simply provide your developers with the following link, replacing the part in square brackets with the Job Site Address you've chosen during the creation of your careers page on Collage (as an example, highlighted in red in the screenshot below).[your Collage Job Site Address]

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