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Collage Job Widget

How to display jobs on your site using the Collage Job Widget.

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This article will explain the Collage Job Widget, how to install it, and how to customize it.

Collage offers two ways of integrating jobs from Collage with your site: our job site API, covered in a separate support article, and a job widget. The widget allows you to copy and paste a snippet of code to your site and display a list of your available jobs for candidates to view.


This option requires some basic familiarity with HTML.

First, make sure you've set up your Collage job site by creating a Job Site Address:

Then, navigate to the Job Site tab in Recruitment, find the code snippet, and copy it:

Paste the code snippet into your company website's code where you want the list of jobs to appear e.g. your career page. Once finished, check your company website to verify the list has appeared:

And you're done!

If you have any questions about installation or customization, please contact our support team using the chat button in the bottom right.

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