By storing your company holidays in Collage, the system knows to only deduct actual vacation days from an employee's balance. An employee's holidays are based on their location. If an employee's location is updated, their holidays will also update automatically.

Collage comes ready with every statutory holiday in Canada. Below are instructions on how to add the out of the box statutory holidays as well as add your own holidays.

Adding statutory holidays

Each summer, Collage makes available Canadian statutory holidays for the following year. Here is how to import them into your company.

1. Navigate to Time Off > Holidays.

2. Click the year drop down and select the upcoming year.

3. Click the Add Statutory Holidays button.

4. Review the statutory holidays to be added. If your company is going to observe a holiday on a different day than Collage recommends, uncheck the holiday and you can add it later. Once you are ready, click Apply Selected.

5. Your statutory holidays have now been added.

Adding custom holidays

If you offer your employees additional holidays like a bonus day before a long weekend, add them in Collage so they do not count towards an employee's vacation request during that time.

1. Navigate to Time Off > Holidays.

2. Ensure the year selected is the year you want to add the holiday for and click Add Holiday.

3. Enter a name for your holiday (visible to employees) and select the date of the holiday. If the holiday is only applicable to employees in certain locations, select Some Employees and choose the locations.

4. Click Save and your holidays is live.

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