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Default Role: Super Admin

Individually assigned to users who should have the highest level of access.

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The Admin Role allows access to all features and employee data. Its permissions cannot be edited or deleted. Users are manually assigned this role but do so with caution as you are granting them the highest level of access.

What you can edit for the Super Admin Role:

  1. You cannot edit the role's feature permissions (they have all of them by default).

  2. You cannot edit the role's employee data permissions (they always have full access to all employees).

  3. You can edit who is assigned this role.


A newly hired HR Manager needs full admin access to Collage.

  1. Edit the Super Admin Role.

  2. Scroll down to "Who should be added to this role?"

  3. Start typing in their name and click on it once found to add them to the list.

  4. Click "Save".

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