Getting Started

New to Collage? Here's how to set up your company profile and add employees.

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My account and Settings

Update your account info, language preference, email, and password.

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Employee documents, folders, customizing document templates

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Employee Management

How to use the organization chart, and manage changes to employee information.

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New Hire Onboarding

Get new employees signed on and up to speed.

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Time Off

How to create, manage, and track employee time off.

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Performance Reviews

How to use our performance reviews feature.

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Performance Check-ins

How to use our performance check-ins feature.

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Performance Goals

How to use our performance goals feature

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Recruiting / Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Set up Collage applicant tracking

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Creating and configuring training programs

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For admins: Help with Collage reports.

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Collage for Employees

How to request time off, update your personal info, and more.

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Additional Information

Additional information on using Collage and managing your subscription.

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How to use and manage the Surveys module in Collage.

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Mass Updates

How to use the Mass Updates feature in Collage to update information for many employees.

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How to use the Offers module in Collage to create and send job offers.

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