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Getting Started

New to Collage? Here's how to set up your company profile and add employees.

My account and Settings

Update your account info, language preference, email, and password.


Employee documents, folders, customizing document templates

Employee Management

How to use the organization chart, and manage changes to employee information.

New Hire Onboarding

Get new employees signed on and up to speed.

Time Off

How to create, manage, and track employee time off.

Performance Reviews

How to use our performance reviews feature.

Performance Check-ins

How to use our performance check-ins feature.

Performance Goals

How to use our performance goals feature

Recruiting / Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Set up Collage applicant tracking


Creating and configuring training programs


For admins: Help with Collage reports.

Collage for Employees

How to request time off, update your personal info, and more.

Additional Information

Additional information on using Collage and managing your subscription.


How to use and manage the Surveys module in Collage.

Mass Updates

How to use the Mass Updates feature in Collage to update information for many employees.


How to use the Offers module in Collage to create and send job offers.

Time Tracking

How to use Collage's Time Tracking module to manage employee timesheets