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Exploring Collage with Demo Data
Exploring Collage with Demo Data

Easily explore your free trial account with our pre-populated demo information.

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The best way to learn about Collage is to explore it and test out the features that interest you. But you don't want to be playing around with your actual employees' information. 

That's why the very first thing you'll see when you create your free Collage account is our "demo environment." Essentially, we've pre-populated your account with fake employees, so you can explore and get totally comfortable before inviting your team.

The Demo Environment

Once you create an account, you'll see a green bar at the top of your screen that says "Using Demo Data. Clear data and add your own."

Only click this button and clear the data when you are ready to begin using the platform with your own team.

Administrator view

Along the left side of the screen, you will notice a list of Collage’s product features. Most of the tabs will only be visible to the administrators on the account. By default, employees will see limited information on the platform.

People Directory 

Click on the People tab to view the employee directory (keep in mind, these are all fake employees). Here, you can see employee names, titles, departments, and locations, and their employment status. Click on a specific employee to see their complete employee profile.

Exploring Features

Explore each of the tabs in the left navigation to see everything you can do on Collage:

  1. Employee Management – Click through employee profiles to see and edit their role information, banking information, and upload forms and training documents.

  2. Time Off – Design an employee time off policy and practice tracking requests.

  3. Performance – Create an engaging performance management questionnaire.

  4. Training – Set up a training program for your team.

  5. Recruiting – Use the recruiting tab to draft a hiring funnel for a new position.

  6. Reports – Explore the data and gain insight into your team.

Adding your own data

Once you are ready to launch your own account, you can:

  1. Click the green button at the bottom of the screen to request a demo. A customer success representative will be in touch with you to go through a personalized video tour. 

  2. Or, get started on your own. Click clear data at the top of the page to self onboard. We'll always be available to answer questions you have along the way.

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