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How to request time off and view your balance
How to request time off and view your balance

For employees, step-by-step instructions to request and manage your time off

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Collage is a one-stop-shop for time off. Easily request time off, see if previous requests have been approved and check your balances. 

To request time off:

  1. Click on My Info in the left navigation bar, then Time Off

  2. Click the Request Time Off button

  3. Select the type of time off you'd like to take from the drop-down

  4. Select the start and end date for your request (Requesting less than a day? Click on "Request Custom Hours")

  5. Enter notes, if necessary. 

  6. Click Send Request 

That's it! 

Your manager will automatically receive an email alert, and you'll be notified when they have approved or denied it.

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