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Billing: Frequently asked questions
Billing: Frequently asked questions
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1. What happens when I terminate someone?

When someone you’ve already paid for is terminated, we add a prorated credit to your account for the unused time. Credits are automatically applied to next month's bill.

2. What happens when I add someone?

You only get billed for active employees managed using Collage each month. When someone is added we prorate the charge for the used time in their first month.

3. How do I cancel my subscription?

Email to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will end the day you request cancellation.

4. When will my card be charged?

Your monthly billing cycle starts the day you launch Collage. At the start of each monthly billing cycle you pay for all active employees in Collage.

5. What credit card types do you support?

You can pay for your Collage subscription using Visa or Mastercard.

6. What is an active employee?

An active employee is any employee that is not terminated.

7. What is an employee?

An employee is any person listed in the Collage Employee Directory. This includes but is not limited to contractors, volunteers, and interns. People you invite to Collage as External Users do not count as employees.

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