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What employees see on the platform
What employees see on the platform
Details on profile information and sections of the platform employees can see on Collage
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By default, all employees on the Collage platform are assigned the Employee Role. They will only see the sections of the platform that you as an admin choose to use on Collage. Below is an example of what they will see as they log in to their account.

Employees would also be able to view their colleagues' profiles, but can only see limited information compared to the admin of the platform: name, office location, employment status, and their work e-mail. Here is what it looks like from the employee's perspective:

For the other sections of Collage, such as Benefits or Performance, employees will see information that only relates to themselves.

One important exception to an employee's viewing ability is if you explicitly give them permissions to do so. You can read more about this in the Roles & Permissions article.

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