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Setting up your company calendars
Setting up your company calendars

How to enable company calendars for your team to view time-off, birthdays, and anniversaries.

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Company calendars on Collage allow your employees to see scheduled time-off, colleagues' birthdays and anniversaries in their personal calendars. There are four different types of calendars we provide you with and that you can control individually:

  • Time Off: All employees,

  • Time Off: Each employee's department,

  • Birthdays: All employees,

  • Anniversaries: All employees.

As an admin, you can specify which calendar feeds you would like your team to access. To enable your calendars, click on Company Settings in the bottom left corner of your window > Calendars tab, and you will see a list of calendars available to your team with a toggle for each feed.

Note: Only admins of the platform can access these settings. Employees can only see the enabled calendar links in their own profiles.

Simply click on the On and Off buttons to enable and disable, respectively, the company calendars that you want your team to be able to access. Your team will have their own personalized links to use for syncing the calendars to their preferred choice of a calendar (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook).

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