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Accessing your company calendars
Accessing your company calendars

Where to find your company calendars on Collage and how to sync them to your personal calendar you use.

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Company calendars allow you to sync your team's scheduled time-off days, birthdays, and work anniversaries with your personal calendar. It helps you access all the information in one place and make sure there are no conflicts in schedule whenever you request vacation time, schedule an important meeting, or plan a company event.

To find your company calendars, go to your profile by clicking My Info > the Calendars tab, and you will see all your available calendar feeds.

There are four types of calendars that you might see on Collage, depending on what your admin of the platform enables:

  • Time Off: All employees,

  • Time Off: Each employee's department,

  • Birthdays: All employees,

  • Anniversaries: All employees.

Simply copy the URL of the calendar feed you want to sync with your personal calendar by clicking on Copy Link. Once copied, use the instructions on the same page below your links to learn how to sync it with the calendar you use—Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook.

Note: It takes about 4-6 hours for the calendar feed to fully sync with your own calendar.

Important: Each calendar URL is a personalized link specific to you. Do not share it with others.

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