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Starting with your company documents
Starting with your company documents

How to use your company documents, signatures, and create document templates to help you with your process.

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This article is an overview of Company Documents on Collage. You can read about specific key functions of the feature in the following articles:
Sharing documents with your existing employees,
Sharing documents with your new hires,
Annotating PDF documents on Collage.


With Company Documents on Collage, you can further digitize your processes and save time by creating reusable document templates and digital company signatures. There are three ways you can create a document on the platform:

  1. Upload a non-editable file (eg. Employee Handbook),

  2. Upload a PDF file to be annotated (eg. IP Agreement),

  3. Create a custom document from scratch (eg. Offer Letter).

Note: As a non-editable file, you can upload any file type – .pdf, .doc, .csv, .jpeg, .zip, and more. Also, the file size limit for your documents is 25 MB.

The main difference between uploading a PDF file you want to annotate and creating a custom document is the way the final document will look. With an annotated PDF, you will be able to keep all of your styling, such as a company logo. While a custom document will keep your annotations indistinguishable from the rest of the text.

Making document templates

Stored on Collage, document templates are reusable documents that you can either access during the onboarding of a new hire or share with your existing employees. To automatically populate your documents with relevant employee data and/or ask your employees to sign them electronically, we provide you with dynamic fields and digital signatures to do so.

To create a reusable template, navigate to your company settings by clicking on your name in the top right corner > Company Settings > Documents.

 Once there, click + Add a Document under the Company Documents section to begin.

A window will appear showing you two options: you can upload an existing document (where you can then choose whether you want to upload a non-editable file or upload a PDF file to be annotated), or you can create a custom document from scratch.

Note: While templates is a great way to create reusable documents, you can still share a personalized document to an employee by manually uploading a new file during the onboarding process or under their employee profile in the Documents section.

Important: All documents shared with employees, whether a template or not, will appear in the Documents section of their profiles.

Adding company signatures

Under the Documents tab of your Company Settings, you can also add company digital signatures to use later in your documents. To add, click + Add a Signature under the Company Signatures section.

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