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Sharing documents with your new hires
Sharing documents with your new hires

Access your document templates or upload new files for your new employees right from the hiring page.

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When hiring a new person through Collage, you can use the documents section of our digital onboarding tool to help you facilitate the sharing of documents and collect new hires' signatures. All without any paperwork!

When you go to Employees > Hire, you will find the Documents section where you can either upload individual documents or use any of the document templates you have created beforehand.

Document assignment section as it appears in the admin hiring process view.  List of document templates that can be assigned as well as Add a document option to upload individual documents.

Uploading an individual document

To upload a document from your computer just for a single new hire, click on + Add a document. You can then choose whether you want to upload a PDF to be annotated (to dynamically insert employee information entered previously and/or request them to sign the documents) or upload a non-editable file.

Choosing an existing template

To use any of the existing templates when hiring a new person, simply tick the boxes of the documents you want to include from the list in the Documents section. If you want to preview how the template documents will look and to make any edits, visit your Company Documents section⬏ under Company Settings.

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