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Setting up reminders to keep track of important dates
Setting up reminders to keep track of important dates

Adding reminders to keep track of document expiration dates, last days of benefits, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

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While there are general system notifications that you receive on Collage, sometimes you might want to set up your own reminders to remember important dates like last day of benefits coverage, document expirations, team members' anniversaries, and more.

With Collage, reminders are based on other date fields you have on the platform, such as custom date fields you create, benefits enrolment dates, employees' anniversaries and birthdays. Once identified, you can then create reminders for these dates.

To create new reminders, navigate to your Company Settings > Reminders and click on + Add Reminder.

On the next page, you will be able to choose:

  1. What the reminder is for—date you want to be reminded about,

  2. Who the reminder will be sent to—employee, manager, or a specific person,

  3. When to send the reminder—on due date, before or after due date.

The same reminder can be sent to more than one person.

Click 'Save reminder' to add it to your list and you will be done.

Now, the people you've specified in the details will receive an email notifying them of an important date and you can be sure nothing gets missed!

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