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Emailing job candidates from Collage

How to send an email to a candidate directly from the platform.

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When you are hiring a new person for your team, every minute counts. And often you want to get back to impressive candidates right away. With our built-in ATS, you can start a conversation with your candidates right from their profile.

Sending initial email to a candidate

To start a conversation, navigate to the Recruiting module > select a job position you need > find the candidate you want to send an email to, and click on more in the toolbar > Email Candidate to start writing a message.

A compose window will open in your timeline where you can write a message to your candidate. Here you can also use one of your email templates for a quicker reply.

Once you type your subject line and the body of the email, click Send Email and we will promptly deliver the good news to your applicant. Easy, fast, and convenient!

Note: All emails will be sent from your name using Collage's email service. When applicants reply to your email, it will show up both on Collage and in your personal inbox that you use as a login for the platform.

Pro Tip: Once the applicant replies to your initial email, you can continue the exchange directly from your inbox and you don't have to log in to Collage. At the same time, all of the emails will be logged in on Collage too (under your applicant's profile).

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