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Creating a new job position

How to create a new position and post it to your Collage careers page.

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Once you've set up your careers page on Collage, you can now create a new position to start receiving applications from new hires.

Creating a new job position

Navigate to the Recruiting module and click on the Create New Position button on the right hand side. Then follow these five easy steps to create a new posting.

1. Provide your job details

Enter the details about your new position:

  • Job title

  • Location (of the office for this position, as set up in your Company Settings)

  • Department (as set up in your Company Settings)

  • Type

Click Continue to go to the next step.

2. Write the job description

Here you can briefly describe what your company does, list the responsibilities a new person would assume, and/or mention any benefits your company provides. You can also use our text editor to format your text accordingly.

Click Continue to go to the next step.

3. Application Form

Next, you will be able to customize the application form to specify what information you want to collect from people applying. Whether it's additional questions you want them to answer, cover letter you want them to upload, or anything else you usually do!

There are four required forms that are enabled by default:

  • First Name,

  • Last Name,

  • Email,

  • Phone Number.

To add additional questions, click on + Add new field. In the window that opens, you can select:

  • Question name that will be presented to a new hire,

  • Question type depending on what input a new hire needs to provide: Single-line text, Multi-line text, Attachment, Multiple choice (single answer), Multiple Choice (multiple answer).

  •   Whether the question is required for a new hire to complete their application.

Once you've specified it all, click Add and the question will be added to your application form.

Editing your custom fields

From there, you are able to sort the order in which your custom questions appear. Simply click-and-drag on the == handle to change the order of the items.

To edit or delete an item, hover over it and you will see a pencil and a recycle bin to perform these actions, respectively.

Click Continue to go to the next step.

4. Settings

In this step, you will be able to add hiring collaborators for a new position and further customize hiring funnel according to your own interview process.

Hiring Collaborators

When you add hiring collaborators to a new position, they will be able to edit and comment on candidates' profiles as well as receive a daily digest of new and updated candidates for that specific role.

To add new hiring collaborators, click inside the box and you will see a dropdown menu to select a person on your team. You will notice that a person who creates a new position will automatically appear there as a hiring collaborator.

Alternatively, just start typing the name of the person you wish to add in the field and the system will suggest you the right person.

Note: Once you completely finish creating a new position, we will send an email confirmation to a hiring collaborator to notify them about their own new role.

Interview Process

Next, you can customize the stages of your hiring process, so it's aligned with the role you are hiring for. The only stages that are required by default are the two initial steps for adding the candidates into you funnel—Sourced and Applied, and the final stage of being Hired. Everything else in-between could be customized!

To add more stages, click + Add new stage. This would add a new line to the list where you can then name it by clicking inside that field.

To delete any of the stages, hover over it and you will see a recycle bin next to it. Click it to remove that stage.

Similar to custom application questions mentioned above, you can reorder your hiring stages using the == handles on each of the fields.

Once done, click Continue to go to the next step.

5. Review

This is a final step of your setup, where you can review all the information you've provided and publish the position to your careers page.

Note that here you can also choose whether you want to send a confirmation email to applicants upon their submission as well as choose the language (English or French) for this particular position.

If you are happy with all the details, hit the Publish Position button and you're done! Now your applicants will have an even better hiring experience while you save time managing the process. :)

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