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Setting up your company general information
Setting up your company general information

Providing information on your company and its office locations.

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Your company's General Information hosts simple but foundational information that will serve as a base for your team. The General Information tab holds:

  • Company Information,

  • Company Offices.

Company Information

To begin your setup, navigate to your Company Settings > General Info. It will be located right at the top under company.

Under Company Information, click on the Edit button to specify:

  • Your Company Name,

  • Your Company Phone Number.

Click Save to save your information.

Company Offices

Adding a new location

On the same page, you can also specify the location of your offices.

To begin, click on the + Add a Location button at the bottom of the Company Offices section.

Once done, click Save to add a new location.

Note: If you have employees that work remotely, you can add a separate location and name it "Remote" without filling out the rest of the form.

Editing an existing location

To edit an existing location, hover over that location and click on the Edit button on the right hand side. You will be then presented with the same window as above to make the desired changes.

Deleting an existing location

Similarly, you can delete a location by clicking Remove next to the Edit button. A modal window will open for you to confirm the action.

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