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Hiring & Onboarding New Employees
Hiring & Onboarding New Employees

A guide on how to build and tailor your onboarding process for your new hires and set them up for success on day one.

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Congratulations on growing your team! It's time for the fun part of onboarding your new hires into your organization. Using Collage's digital onboarding tool, it's easy to collect all the necessary information, share any documents, and make sure your new team members have everything they need on day one.

Hiring a new employee

1. Getting started

To hire a new employee and start their onboarding process, navigate to the Employees module and then click on the Hire button on the right-hand side.

There are eight main sections to the digital hiring flow that we go over below:

  1. Employment Info

  2. Job Details

  3. Benefits

  4. Banking & Tax info

  5. Documents

  6. Training

  7. Onboarding Tasks

  8. Sending the invitation

2. Employment information

In the first section of hiring is to provide the basic employment information of the new employee:

3. Compensation 

Next, provide job information details for their role:

  • Salary: How much is the employee earning?

  • Currency and Frequency: What currency are they being paid in, how frequent are they being paid?

  • Hours per week: the estimated number of hours Jane Doe works per week.This information is required for both full-time and part-time employees and used to calculate total insurable earnings.

  • Commission: Does this employee earn commission?

  • Bonus: Does this employee earn a bonus?

4. Benefits (if applicable)

If you decided to sync your health benefits plan to Collage, you will be able to choose a benefits class and a probationary period in the two dropdown menus. That's all you need to do on your side, we will then make sure they are enrolled in the benefits plan.

Note: Employees will be asked to provide all the necessary benefits enrolment information while onboarding.

5. Banking and Tax Info

In this step you can choose to collect Banking Info or Tax Info from your employees during their onboarding.

  • Collect banking info: Your new employee will be instructed to enter their banking information—transit number, institution number and account number. This means you don't need to ask them for void cheques anymore!

  • Collect tax info: You new employee will be asked to complete both the Canadian federal tax form as well as the provincial tax form that is applicable to them. They will be asked to download, complete and then upload these forms to their profile.

6. Including documents for a new employee to review and/or sign

As part of the onboarding flow, you can also send any documents to your new hire that you would like them to review and/or digitally sign right on Collage.

There are two ways you can do that:

  1. You can either use one of the document templates that you've already created under your company settings and which you would be able to select from the list in this section, or

  2. Upload any documents specific to your new hire by clicking on + Add a document.

If you want new hires to sign a document electronically, you need to annotate a PDF to enable e-signatures.

Note: The documents that you share with your new hires will be accessible under the Documents tab of their employee profile, but will only appear there after they've completed their onboarding.

7. Training

Here you will be able to select any training programs you would like your new hires to go through. They will be enrolled during their onboarding and have a pending task in their Collage Inbox to remind them of the training.

Note: In order for your training programs to show up in this list, you must first create any training programs in the Training module of the platform.

8. Selecting onboarding tasks pertaining to a new employee

Here you can add any tasks that need to be completed as part of the onboarding process. You can assign it to the new employee themselves, their manager, or any other person on your team. Optionally, you can also set a due date for a task before, on, or after their start date.

Your existing employees will then receive an email notification letting them know of their tasks, and the tasks will also appear in the Collage Inbox for both your existing employees and new hires as they join your team.

9. Invitation

The last step is to send the invitation.  Input the email you wish to send the invite to and click on Send Invite at the bottom of the page. 

Not ready to invite the employee? No problem! If you leave the page all of the information will be saved, and you will see the employee listed as Draft in the employee directory. Just click on the employee and you will be brought back to the hiring flow.

Note: Employees will be able to use a different email from their invitation email as their login.

10. The employee signs up

Now that the invitation has been sent, its up to the employee! They will receive an email like the one below. All they have to do to start is click on Get Started and follow the next step. 

Note: New hires will be reminded by email to complete their onboarding daily.

If you have any issues completing your documents, please reach out to our support team at or through the live chat on your page.

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