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The Employee Onboarding Experience (video)
The Employee Onboarding Experience (video)

Here's what to expect when you (or your employees) create a Collage account.

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If your employer has just invited you to join Collage, you're in great hands. In less than 10 minutes, you'll be able to enter your personal info, emergency contacts, direct deposit information, and even enrol yourself and your dependents in group benefits! 

In this article, we'll walk you through the employee onboarding experience so you know just what to expect. Or, watch our video to see it in action:

Step 1: Email Invitation

If you've just been hired or if your employer has just started using Collage, you will receive an email invitation that looks like this:

The "Get started" button will take you directly to a secure Collage login page.

Step 2: Sign Documents

Next, read and e-sign any important documents from your employer. These can include policies, offer letters, confidentiality agreements as well as tax documents. Simply draw your signature using your mouse. We'll store the signed document in your employee profile.

Step 3: Personal Information and Emergency Contacts

The next two screens will request your personal information and emergency contacts. You can access and edit this information any time and from any device using your Collage log in.

Step 4: Banking and Tax information

If your employer has requested it, you may be asked to fill in your banking information and federal/provincial tax forms. Forget about bringing a void cheque on your first day!

Step 5: Benefits Enrolment

If your employer offers group benefits, you can also enrol yourself using Collage. Our screens will once again guide you through standard benefits enrolment questions, such as your gender, family status, and desired coverage. If you have dependents, you may add them here. 

Step 5a: Beneficiary Assignment Form

One important document you will have to sign is your Beneficiary Assignment Form. When you reach this step in Collage, we'll provide a download link so you can print, sign, and bring it to work on your first day.

Step 6: Start using Collage!

You're now finished onboarding and can begin using Collage to review your personal profile, request time off, and view your benefits coverage. If at any point you have questions, simply click on the green chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen. You'll immediately be connected to our HR support team.

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