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What visibility options are there for performance reviews?
What visibility options are there for performance reviews?
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The key element of doing a full performance review is to share the feedback collected from different members of the team with the person being reviewed. But sometimes you might not want to share everything that's been submitted. It's a delicate topic after all. Here we go over the default visibility settings for Performance Reviews on Collage.

Manager Review

The results of a manager reviewing their direct report are shared with the employee after the Review has been ended.

Self Review

The results of an employee reviewing themselves are shared with their manager as the review is submitted.

Peer Review

The results of peers reviewing an employee are shared with the employee's manager only, as they are submitted by peers. Employees themselves do not see peer reviews.

Tip: If managers want to share peer reviews with employees themselves, they can wait until all the peer reviews are submitted and then either include the reviews themselves, or provide a summary, in their own review to an employee.


Important: Similar to Check-Ins, Super Admins can see all the submitted reviews, unless they are a reviewee themselves (i.e. they won't see a peer review about themselves).

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