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Closing and Sharing Performance Reviews
Closing and Sharing Performance Reviews

How to close performance reviews and and share results with employees.

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Performance Reviews can be closed in one of two ways: admins can close the entire Performance Review cycle, and managers can close individual Performance Reviews.


When viewing the Admin tab of any given Performance Review cycle, admins will see a red "End review" button at the top right of the page.

Clicking this button will share the results of Performance Reviews with respective reviewers and reviewees:

  • Employees will see their self-assessments and the reviews managers have written for them.

  • Managers will see self-assessments and peer reviews for their direct reports, as well as reviews they have written for the employee.

Ending this review will also prevent any further answers from being submitted for all reviews, and will prevent any further participants from being added to the review.


Managers have the option to close and share performance reviews with their direct reports before admins close the performance review cycle.

This makes it easy for managers to discuss review results with their employees, and then share results after that discussion rather than waiting for the cycle to be closed before results are shared.

From the My Team tab, managers will see the reviews for all of their direct reports. From here, they can view that employee's performance results by clicking in the row, or they can close the review and share the results with the employee via the "Share" button to the very right:

When clicking Share, the manager will be prompted to confirm that the results should be shared with the employee.

Closing will share the results of the employee's self-assessment, as well as the manager's review of that employee. Peer reviews will not be shared with the employee, and will only be visible to the manager and administrator.

Manager Reviews can be shared before any reviews are submitted, and Peer Reviews and Self Reviews can still be submitted after the fact.

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