JazzHR Integration Setup

Detailed instructions on how to get set up with the JazzHR integration in Collage

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Getting set up with JazzHR and Collage is easy. In order to get your hired candidates syncing with Collage, follow these two simple steps:

1. Get your API Key from JazzHR

Log into JazzHR and go to your account settings.

Within settings, navigate to the integrations tab.

Copy the text in the input labelled "API Key".

2. Connect Collage to JazzHR

In Collage, find JazzHR under the integrations section in Company Settings.

Paste the API Key copied from JazzHR into the input field and press "Save".

When you refresh the page, you should now see a new tab on the left navigation for JazzHR under Integrations.

Your integration with JazzHR is now set up! For more information on what the integration does and how to use it, please refer to this help article.

Note: If you ever generate a new API Key in JazzHR, you will have to repeat these steps to update the API Key in Collage in order for the integration to continue to work.

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