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Customizing Automated Emails
Customizing Automated Emails

How to customize your Onboarding, Time off, Performance Review, and Candidate Application emails in Collage.

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Tired of impersonal automated emails? Well no more! Collage allows you to edit Onboarding, Time off, Performance Review, and Recruiting emails that get sent from the platform automatically. 

Getting started

The first step to editing your emails is to navigate to the Platform section of your Company Settings and select Email Templates from the menu.

Platform submenu located within company settings.  Email templates option highlighted.

Customizing email templates

Once on the Email Templates page, you will see a list of the automated emails you will be able to customize.  This list includes Onboarding, Time off, Performance Review, and Recruiting emails.

To edit a template, click the three dots to the far right of the template name. Then select edit from the dropdown that appears.

English and French templates

When you open the editable template you will be able to choose between editing the french version, or the english version. To change between them by selecting either French Version tab or English Version tab.

Editing written content

When you open an email to edit, it will auto populate with what is currently being sent out for this email type. To edit the content just click in the box and type. You can stay as close to the original as you want, or change every single thing. It's all up to you!

Dynamic Fields

Dynamic fields pull data from the corresponding information captured and stored in the employee profile, or candidate information. They are dynamic because they change based on the employee/candidate. To add a dynamic field to your email, click the Dynamic Fields dropdown and select the field you wish to add.

Depending on the Email you are customizing, the dynamic fields may change. For example, if you are editing the recruiting email Candidate Name will be an option, but for other templates it may be Employee Name.


Once you are happy with you email template click the save button and you will be redirected to your Email Templates page.

You're all done!

If you have any issues customizing you email templates, please reach out to our support team using the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at

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