Reinstate an Employee
How to reinstate a terminated employee
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Have a terminated employee returning to your company?  No worries! You can now reinstate employees directly within Collage!

Getting Started

The first step to reinstating a terminated employee is to navigate to the terminated employees listing within the Employees Tab.  Select Terminated Employees from the dropdown menu to view terminated employees listing.  Select the employee you wish to reinstate from the list.

Reactivate Employee

Once you have found and selected the terminated employee you wish to reinstate you will navigate to the Job Tab within that employee's profile.  Their last record on file will be their termination record.  On this record you will select Reactivate Employee.  

Enter Reinstatement Details

Once you choose to Reactivate Employee you will be redirected to the employee reinstatement window.  Here you will enter the details of the employee's reinstatement with the company.  This will include:

  1. Reactivation Date

  2. Employment Details

  3. Compensation

  4. Benefits (if applicable)

  5. Payroll (if applicable)

  6. Any additional notes you wish to have on file

Reactivate Employee

Once reinstatement details have been entered the final step is to Save the reactivation!  

*Note the final message displayed prior to saving.  Once an employee has been reinstated all time off accruals will be reset.  Admins will need to enrol the employee in a time off policy following reactivation.  Employee will not be automatically re-enrolled in their previous time off policy.  

You're All Done!

Once saved the reactivation has been processed and the employee is officially reinstated! If you have any questions about reinstating employees please reach out to our support team at or through the live chat on your page. 

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