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Benefit info update statuses
Benefit info update statuses

Rejected, In Review, Completed, and what they mean.

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When updating benefits information, you may see different statuses beside individual updates. This article will go through the different statuses you can expect to see, and what they mean.


When an update is Rejected, it means that Collage is unable to process the update in the carrier.

You will first receive an email letting you know that changes could not be processed:

When you click on "View updates" in the email, it will take you to the list of updates to benefits information from your organization.

This list can also be accessed by clicking on "Benefits" in the left-hand sidebar, and then the "Updates" tab furthest to the right.

You will be given a reason for the rejection, and if possible, steps on what changes you need to make in order for the update to be processed in the carrier.

Once you make the changes, Collage will try to process the update again.

In Review

When an update is In Review, it means Collage is in the process of gathering information from you in order to verify the update is eligible to be processed in the carrier.

You will receive an email from our benefits support team asking you some questions about the update.

Once we have gathered information, Collage will try to process the update again.


Collage does not show a tag for when an update is completed. Instead, you will see the update in the "Updates" tab of the Benefits module when it is completed.

If you recently made an update and no update is showing up in that tab, your update is still being processed.

Plan admins will receive a summary email of updates and rejections when they occur.

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