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Uploading documents to candidates
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Documents that candidates complete during their recruitment process can be stored on the candidate's profile for reference along with their resumes.

In addition, if the candidate's status is set to "Hire," the candidate will remain in the ATS and documents can be uploaded and viewed.

To upload a document:

1. Click on "Recruiting" on the left-hand sidebar
2. Click on the job position for which the candidate is being considered

3. Click on the candidate's recruiting stage

4. Click on the candidate

5. Under the candidate's name, click the "Upload files" button

6. Upload a file by dragging and dropping, or by clicking the upload field and finding the file

7. (Optional) Enter a description for the file

8. Click "Save" in the bottom right

All done! The document can be downloaded from the candidate's timeline.

Additional documents can be added by repeating the steps above.

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